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“Good morning Jim, I did receive your inspection report. It is very professional and helpful. I have printed it for my mom and we will contact The Orchards about the repairs. Thanks so much for doing such a great job! We are very appreciative! It has been a pleasure working with you!”


“Jim, This is excellent! Thank you for your expeditious work. I had no idea the detail that would come up on a home inspection–way more detailed than I would’ve thought.”


“Thank you very much! This is a very thorough and detailed report. Sincerely”


“Thanks Jim!
After your inspection, we had total ease of mind that there wasn’t anything scary hiding behind the walls. Then after showing the inspection to the seller, they gave us another 1K in closing to assist with the critical fixes. You gave us a 4X return on our expense. Worth every penny.”


“Hey Jim, Thanks so much for coming out on Saturday. Having you there to look into everything was a great reassurance.Based on that water drainage hole/system and a few other misgivings I had. We decided not to purchase this property. So we are going to keep shopping and take our time and will let you know when we find another so you will hopefully be available to inspect it as well.Thanks again,”


“Jim, I found our inspection to be thorough and, I’m sure very helpful to us when we approach our builder. Thank you.”

Charlie and Sharon

“I have experienced the inspection capabilities of Jim Haizlip and he is great at what he does in complete and thorough work. I would recommend him for your inspection needs. I have been in the multi-family construction business for fifteen years and Jim has my respect as one of the best I have worked with.”

Ray NorSouth Construction Co.

“Thank you for reaching out to us. I have nothing but great things to say about Jim and the inspection. I would highly recommend him!”


“Thank you Jim. It is a very good and complete inspection.”

Mr. Ernie

“Jim, thanks for the inspection report I think it will be very helpful when I make an offer on this property. And if this one falls through I’ll call on you again on another home. Again, thanks.”

Mr. David

“Jim, I want to thank you for making me a better contractor, you are tough but fair. The things you taught me are appreciated. I wish you well in work and life. God bless you. Thanks again.”


“Jim, Thanks so much for your diligence in inspecting our new house. Your expertise and knowledge has been greatly appreciated. We pray the Lord will abundantly bless your business! En agape,”

Glen & Marilyn

“Jim, Thank you for the professional inspection and the prompt report.”


“Jim, thank you so very much for coming out this Saturday. Your report is so thorough and detailed. We are so thankful to have somebody with your expertise available as we are new and fairly naive homeowners. We would love for you to come back after Luke has completed everything for reinspection. Thank you again!”

Brittany and Sid

“Just reviewed the inspection document. The document is very professional and easy to understand! It’s been a pleasure doing business with you Jim and team. Will highly recommend your services to neighbors and friends. Thanks!”